Endfall is a unique and versatile hard rock band out of the Fayetteville, AR music scene. With influences such as Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More, Endfall conveys powerful and cathartic stories in their music. In addition to thier compelling sound, Endfall has become a local favorite with their high-energy and crowd involvement during live performances. Some performance highlights include opening for incredible bands such as Gemini Syndrome, Nonpoint, and Failure Anthem as well as winning a slot in the Carnival of Ink music festival.

Their debut release, Sick Love, is a fast paced, aggressive, and melodic E.P. that is complemented with the perfect mix of memorable vocal melodies, electronic hooks, and crushing grooves.

The passion that each member shares for Endfall's brand and success is noticable with thier stage presence. This allows for an overall refreshing and memorable experience for all concertgoers alike.
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"Grade-A, top notch, Rock Radio hit"
- Metal Moose
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